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Own A Napa Vineyard stands as a testament to the art of winemaking, a legacy of passion, and a unique investment opportunity.

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Cert. of Ownership & Vine Tagging

Own a vine with a certificate and photo. Your name on a laminated tag for each vine.

Hands-On Vineyard Lessons

Learn vineyard care: pre-pruning, pruning, suckering, leafing, and harvesting lessons.

Exclusive Wine Discounts

Enjoy a generous 50% discount on all wines made at Carneros Della Notte Winery.

Option for Grape Shipping

Enjoy the delight of Napa grapes, straight from your vineyard to your home.

24/7 Vineyard Access

Visit your vines at your leisure, basking in the serene beauty of Napa Valley.

Live Vineyard Webcam Access

Stay connected to your vineyard anytime, witnessing the live progress of your vines.

Tickets to Pruning and Harvest extravaganza

Get two tickets to our annual Pruning and Harvest extravaganza, celebrating vineyard milestones.

Personal Vine Care Options

Choose to tend to your vines personally, or let our expert vineyard team handle it for you.

About Us

Own A Napa Vineyard is more than a venture; it’s a testament to the art of winemaking, a legacy of passion, and a unique investment opportunity. Established in 2016 by David Harmon, the visionary founder of wine.com, our journey unfolds amidst the picturesque landscapes of Napa Valley. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and an immersive vineyard experience sets us apart in the world of fine wines.

Our Founder's Legacy

David Harmon’s journey into winemaking began with a strong commitment to creating exceptional wines. 
Before founding the renowned wine.com website, his life had a colorful and captivating side, resembling a reality TV show. From being Robert Mondavi’s first chauffeur to flying helicopters for the Indianapolis Colts and working on movies like Thelma and Louise, Black Rain, and Basic Instinct, Harmon’s animated past enriches the atmosphere at his rustic yet intriguing Carneros della Notte winery (Carneros of the Night).
Inspired by his experience as the founder of wine.com, Harmon envisioned a vineyard that not only produces outstanding pinot noir but also sets a new standard for sustainable and hands-on winemaking.
Every step in the vine rows is a deliberate effort to preserve the vineyard’s essence, embodying the philosophy that defines Own A Napa Vineyard.
“I focus on preserving the flavors born in the vineyard. I spend more and more of my time walking the vine rows — measuring, evaluating, tasting, and planning the future of each individual lot.”
 David Harmon

Our Winery

Carneros della Notte
Explore the enchanting realm of Carneros della Notte, translating to “Carneros of the Night,” Own A Napa Vineyard’s distinctive winery. Far beyond a mere label, the name mirrors our unique winemaking practice.
As industry pioneers, we proudly claim the title of the first producer to unveil a glow-in-the-dark wine label. This luminescent touch isn’t just an artistic choice; it’s a visual representation of our unwavering dedication to crafting pinot noir with unparalleled creativity and flair.
Join us at Carneros della Notte, where each bottle narrates a story, and every visit immerses you in the enchanting magic of winemaking.

Our Wines

Quality Without Compromise
2007 D III Vineyard Pinot Noir
2010 LPR Late Harvest Pinot Noir
2018 Carneros Chardonnay
2018 Carneros della Notte Napa Valley Cabernet
2019 Napa ValleySauvignon Blanc
2018 Los CarnerosPinot Noir
At Own A Napa Vineyard, our commitment to “Quality Without Compromise” is not just a philosophy; it’s the essence of who we are. 
Each meticulous step, from the labor-intensive shoot positioning that ensures proper fruit exposure, rigorous crop thinning, and precise irrigation to the timely harvest, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to crafting wines of exceptional quality.
Embracing chemical-free practices, our grapes are carefully hand-harvested exclusively at night. This strategic timing isn’t just a choice; it’s a deliberate effort to ensure optimal juice chemistry, laying the groundwork for the exceptional wines that define Own A Napa Vineyard.

Why Choose Own A Napa Vineyard?

Unparalleled Expertise

Our foundation is built on a wealth of expertise and experience in the wine industry. Led by industry pioneers, including our founder David Harmon, we provide unparalleled insights and guidance to ensure your vineyard investment is not just sound but exceptional.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our vineyards are strategically situated, benefitting from the unique microclimates and soil compositions that make Napa Valley one of the most renowned wine regions globally. Your investment is in the heart of where exceptional wines are born.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our wine collection, crafted with precision and passion, awaits your exploration.From grape to glass, each wine tells a story of dedication, precision, and the pursuit of excellence.

Enduring Legacy

Beyond financial returns, Own A Napa Vineyard offers you the chance to create an enduring legacy. Your investment becomes a story told through the vines, a legacy that can be shared and cherished by generations to come.

Commitment to Sustainability

We understand the importance of sustainability in modern viticulture. Own A Napa Vineyard is committed to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that your investment not only produces exceptional wines but also aligns with contemporary values of environmental stewardship.

Winery Experience

Join us in savoring not just exceptional wines but an immersive winery experience. Every visit to Carneros della Notte is an opportunity to partake in the rich tapestry of Napa Valley winemaking, where tradition and innovation converge seamlessly.

Comprehensive Support

Our dedicated team guides you through every stage, from selecting the perfect parcel to cultivating your inaugural harvest. Benefit from our expertise in viticulture and winemaking, ensuring your vineyard thrives. As a valued owner, enjoy exclusive perks such as two tickets to our annual Pruning Party and Harvest Party, providing opportunities to immerse yourself in the vineyard experience. Whether you choose to personally care for the vines or opt for our vineyard’s professional services, you have the flexibility to tailor your ownership experience.

How to Start Your Journey

Invest in a legacy, craft your story, and savor the rewards of being a vineyard owner. Click below to explore our ownership packages, or if you’re ready to dive in, order directly by filling out the form.

Craft Your Legacy

Invest in the extraordinary. Invest in a legacy. Own A Napa Vineyard—where your investment becomes a timeless testament to the art, tradition, and enduring allure of Napa Valley. Your vineyard awaits, ready to be the canvas for your unique investment story.